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Hiphen Consulting emerges as your all-encompassing partner for a myriad of business services. We specialize in delivering top-tier services in book-keeping, accounting, auditing, payroll management, project management, accounts receivable (AR), accounts payable (AP), taxation, management reporting (MIS), and various other business domains, ensuring your business sails smoothly through its journey.

Why Choose Us?

Technical Expertise:

Technically proficient experts and professionals, ensure your management is assured with capable hands.

Tailored for All:

From owner-managed businesses and SMEs to large corporates, our services are meticulously designed to cater to a wide spectrum of businesses.

Global Reach:

Rooted in Bangalore, our services transcend geographical boundaries, extending to businesses across Asia, North & South Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa Region.

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Regional Leadership


Global Standards

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Top Tier Expertise

Our Offerings

End-to-End Solutions with Management Reporting (MIS): Leverage our expertise in management reporting to derive actionable insights and steer your business towards informed decisions.

Customized Services: Our offerings are not one-size-fits-all but are tailored to meet your specific business requirements, ensuring optimal satisfaction.

Your Trust, Our Priority

At Hiphen Consulting; we build partnerships. Our operations are underscored by a staunch commitment to professional ethics, integrity, and a relentless pursuit to meet, and exceed, your business expectations. Whether you’re based in the United Arab Emirates or broader GCC, and are seeking high-quality, cost-effective solutions by outsourcing your business functions,


Hiphen Consulting stands out as a reliable and dependable business partner, ready to shoulder with utmost professionalism.

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Our Mission

Hiphen Consulting aims to offer custom solutions to meet all dynamic demands of all facets of business solutions, a need that has become increasingly vital in today’s economic climate. The pervasive impact of the global pandemic crisis has permeated various business sectors, necessitating a strategic reduction in costs related to maintaining a full-time internal team, especially when cost-efficiency can be achieved through Hiphen's efficient model.

Our core focus is to facilitate clients in minimizing and optimizing their costs by offering a spectrum of outsourcing solutions for a wide array of back-office tasks and specialized reporting capabilities, ensuring control, confidentiality, and data integrity but also enhancing work quality and ensuring timely delivery of a diverse range of information from basic to advanced. Moreover, we are devoted to supporting our clients in informed business decision-making and forecasting, assisting in the formulation of detailed operating and capital budgets, and crafting long-term business plans.

Our Vision

Hiphen Consulting aspires to be the premier choice for both our existing and prospective clients for outsourcing an array of business functions. Our vision is of forming mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, relationships that not only strengthen over time but also yield economic benefits. With a steadfast focus on amplifying enterprise value and astute stakeholder management, Hiphen Consulting is committed to evolving as a trusted business partner, consistently enhancing our offerings and solutions to align with the dynamic needs of our clients and the market.

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