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Accounting & Business Services

Transforming technical accounting, governance, and controllership


Keep your financial records in check with our comprehensive bookkeeping services. From small businesses to large enterprises, our tailored solutions ensure your books are accurate and up-to-date. Our services include detailed transaction recording, financial statement preparation, and more, helping you make informed business decisions.


  • Bank account reconciliations

Secure your financial integrity with our meticulous bank account reconciliation services. We compare your internal financial records against your bank statements to identify discrepancies, prevent fraud, and ensure the accuracy of your financial data.

  • Account reconciliations between local books and corporate accounting

Bridge the gap between your local books and corporate accounting systems. Our expert team ensures seamless account reconciliations, enhancing financial consistency across your business operations.

  • General Ledger (GL) management

Optimize your financial reporting with our General Ledger management services. We maintain and review your GL to ensure accurate financial data, supporting effective decision-making and strategic planning.

  • Chart of Accounts

Tailor your financial reporting with our Chart of Accounts customization services. We help you design a coherent financial recording system that reflects your specific business operations, facilitating precise tracking and reporting.

  • Storage of books at premises

Ensure the safety and accessibility of your financial records with our on-site storage solutions. We provide secure, organized storage of your books at your premises, allowing for easy access and review.

  • Accounting system design

Elevate your financial processes with our accounting system design and implementation services. From selecting the right software to customizing it to fit your business needs, we ensure your accounting system enhances efficiency and accuracy.

  • Preparation and checking of statistical reports

Make data-driven decisions with our statistical report services. We prepare and review detailed reports, providing insights into your financial health, trends, and opportunities for growth.

  • Checking of bookkeeping and VAT accounting for prior periods

Ensure compliance and accuracy with our review services for bookkeeping and VAT accounting. We meticulously check your records for prior periods, identifying and correcting any discrepancies or errors.

  • Petty cash support

Streamline your petty cash processes with our support services. We provide strategies and systems to manage your petty cash efficiently, ensuring accurate tracking and reporting.

  • CFO services

Access high-level financial expertise with our CFO services. From financial strategy development to risk management, our CFOs provide the insights and guidance you need to drive your business forward.

  • E-bookkeeping

Embrace the digital age with our e-bookkeeping services. We offer online bookkeeping solutions that provide real-time access to your financial data, enhancing flexibility and decision-making speed.

Financial accounting and reporting

Elevate your business with our expert financial accounting and reporting services. We ensure meticulous preparation and analysis of financial statements, adhering to the highest standards and practices, including IFRS and GAAP. Our services provide a clear picture of your financial health, supporting strategic decision-making.

  • Accounting supervision and ownership

Gain peace of mind with our accounting supervision services. We take ownership of your accounting processes, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and efficiency. Our team acts as your financial watchdog, safeguarding your business's integrity.

  • Management reports (MIS)

Transform data into strategy with our Management Information System (MIS) reports. We provide detailed analyses and insights into your business operations, helping you to identify trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement.​

  • Statutory financial statements or financial statements prepared under IFRS & GAAP

Ensure compliance with our statutory financial statement preparation services. Whether under IFRS or GAAP, we meticulously prepare your reports to meet all legal and regulatory requirements, supporting your business's credibility and transparency.​

  • Evaluation and ensuring Accounting and Reporting as per IFRS & GAAP

Navigate the complexities of IFRS and GAAP with our expert guidance. We evaluate and ensure your accounting practices and reports are fully compliant, minimizing risks and enhancing your business's financial reporting quality.​

  • CFO and treasury support

Access strategic financial leadership with our CFO and treasury support services. We offer high-level financial strategy, risk management, and treasury solutions, driving your business towards sustainable growth and stability.​

  • Accounts payable (A/P) and Accounts receivable (A/R) processing

Streamline your financial operations with our accounts payable and receivable processing services. We ensure efficient, accurate handling of your transactions, improving your cash flow and financial health.​

  • Filing VAT returns

Simplify your VAT compliance with our VAT return filing services. Our experts ensure accurate and timely submissions, helping you avoid penalties and maintain good standing with tax authorities.​

  • CIT Registration and Income Tax Filings

Navigate the complexities of corporate income tax with our registration and filing services. We handle the intricacies of tax preparation and submission, ensuring compliance and optimizing your tax position.​

  • Preparation of information for the auditors

Facilitate smooth audits with our audit preparation services. We compile and organize the necessary information for auditors, ensuring a seamless audit process with minimal disruptions to your business.​

  • Cash flow management

Enhance your financial stability with our cash flow management services. We provide strategies and solutions to manage your cash flow effectively, ensuring liquidity and operational efficiency.​

  • Training & Supervision of Accountants

Elevate your accounting team with our training and supervision services. We offer comprehensive training programs and ongoing supervision, enhancing your team's skills and ensuring best practices in accounting.​

  • IFRS advisory

Stay ahead with our IFRS advisory services. Our experts provide guidance on IFRS compliance, updates, and implementation, ensuring your financial reporting meets international standards.​

  • Inventory and Stock Reconciliations

Maintain accurate inventory records with our inventory and stock reconciliation services. We ensure your stock levels are accurately reflected in your financial statements, supporting effective inventory management.​

  • Filing FTA income tax returns

Ensure compliance with our FTA income tax return filing services. We handle the complexities of filing, ensuring accuracy and timeliness to keep your business compliant with tax regulations.​

Examination of accounting records

Delve deep into your financial records with our thorough examination services. We meticulously analyze your accounting entries, ensuring accuracy and compliance with relevant standards and regulations.

  • Review of your accounting records

Our comprehensive review services provide a detailed assessment of your accounting records. We scrutinize your financial transactions and reporting practices to ensure they meet the highest standards of accuracy and integrity.

  • Identification of deficiencies and developing course of action

Identify and address financial discrepancies with our expert analysis. We pinpoint deficiencies in your accounting records and develop strategic action plans to rectify issues, enhance financial accuracy, and improve overall business performance.

Capital Budgeting and Forecasting

Navigate your future investments with confidence through our capital budgeting and forecasting services. We help you evaluate potential investments and forecast their financial outcomes, ensuring your capital is allocated efficiently.

  • Variance Analysis

Gain insights into your financial performance with our variance analysis services. We compare actual results to budgeted figures, identifying variances and their causes, to inform better financial decision-making.

  • Planning and Operational Variances

Enhance your financial planning with our analysis of planning and operational variances. We help you understand the differences between planned and actual performance, guiding strategic adjustments.

  • Feedback and Feedforwarding

Implement effective control mechanisms with our feedback and feedforwarding services. We provide insights on past performance while forecasting future outcomes, enabling proactive management and decision-making.

  • Identification of deficiencies and advising in developing a course of action

Our services extend to identifying deficiencies in your budgeting and forecasting processes, advising on corrective actions to optimize financial planning and control.

  • Flexed Budgeting

Adapt to changes with our flexed budgeting services. We adjust your budgets based on actual activity levels, providing a more accurate reflection of financial performance and resource requirements.

  • Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB)

Re-evaluate every expense with our Zero Based Budgeting services. We help you build your budget from the ground up, ensuring every dollar spent is justified and aligned with your strategic goals.

  • Activity Based Budgeting (ABB)

Focus your budgeting on your business activities with our Activity Based Budgeting services. We link your spending to specific activities, enhancing transparency and efficiency in resource allocation.

  • Statistical Forecasting

Leverage data for your financial planning with our statistical forecasting services. We use historical data and statistical methods to predict future financial trends, aiding in more informed decision-making.

  • Linear Programming Forecasting

Optimize your resource allocation with our linear programming forecasting services. We apply mathematical models to determine the best possible outcomes for your financial and operational decisions.

  • Linear Regression Forecasting

Predict future financial performance with our linear regression forecasting services. We analyze the relationship between variables to forecast future trends, supporting strategic planning and budgeting.

  • Regression Modelling

Dive deeper into your financial data with our regression modelling services. We use statistical techniques to model and analyze the relationships between variables, providing insights for better financial forecasting.

  • Cash Forecasting

Ensure liquidity and financial stability with our cash forecasting services. We project your future cash flows, helping you manage liquidity risks and plan for future financial needs.

Temporary finance management - Contract Personnel Program

Gain interim financial leadership with our Temporary Finance Management - Contract Personnel Program. We provide experienced finance professionals on a contract basis to fill short-term needs for financial management, ensuring continuity and expertise without the long-term commitment. We offer a service where a professional or professionals from our office are enrolled temporarily in the client’s finance function, working under the client’s direct supervision. This program aids the client in overcoming a temporary lack of necessary staff (e.g. the temporary replacement of a financial controller or the CFO or the lending of an accountant or the chief accountant to support the year-end closure or the establishment of new processes).

Providing interim finance and accounting professionals who work as members of your management teams to establish or maintain suitable infrastructure for managing Finance and Accounting departments and accommodating growth.

Additional services

Explore a wide range of specialized financial services tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. From risk assessment to strategic planning, our additional services are designed to complement your core financial management strategy, providing comprehensive support for all your financial operations.

  • Fixed Assets register control (including re-creating and/or re-shaping FA data bases, depreciation computation - local and group policies, AED and hard currency) 

  • Physical stock count assistance - Warehouses and Terminals

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